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09 Şubat 2024 - 23:02

Bilgin Yacht
Bilgin Yachts: Known Experience with Super Yachts

Bilgin Yachts is a family company with renowned experience in the superyacht industry. It operates four shipyards of 59,500 square meters in different parts of Istanbul. The facility in Küçükçekmece has the capacity to build 4 yachts at the same time and includes a special hangar for 35-40 meter ships, while two additional yachts up to 50 meters can be produced at the other shipyard. The facilities are expanding with areas where large-scale boat manufacturing, superstructure construction and plumbing works are carried out in Yalova. In addition, thanks to the agreement made with West Istanbul Marina, the shipyard has an additional area of 10,000 square meters.

Environmentally friendly production is among Bilgin Yachts’ priorities. They focus on supporting green factors both during the production phase and beyond. Bilgin Yachts has adopted the principle of always being there for its customers by focusing on their comfortable and safe journeys. Bilgin Yachts established an additional production facility in West Istanbul Marina in 2016, the aim of which is always to offer fully customized yachts to its customers.

While Bilgin Yachts aims to be one of the leading brands worldwide, it maintains standards with its young and organized team, large facilities and confidence in quality. The shipyard operates from six 59,500 square meter facilities and employs more than 400 highly skilled tradesmen. 90% of the production is carried out in-house, and Bilgin Yachts has its own facilities for specially designed furniture and marine stainless steel products.

Bilgin Yachts recently announced three new projects: Bilgin 156, 220 and 263. Bilgin 156 is a yacht with similar features to the 47.5-meter Starburst-III, which was introduced under the name Lilium and debuted at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show. Built as a 67-meter mega yacht, Bilgin 220 has masculine lines in its interior and exterior design. Finally, Bilgin 263 is an 80-meter superyacht and the largest yacht of Bilgin Yachts. All of these projects were developed by Bilgin Yachts’ design team, which represents excellence and innovation.

Bilgin Yachts not only offers new projects, but also offers after-sales services to yacht owners. They provide their customers with a long-term relationship and support by working meticulously in maintenance and repair processes. Honesty, respect and wisdom are the core values of Bilgin Yachts and these values are reflected in every product and service.

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