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14 Şubat 2024 - 12:39


Greenline is a brand known for its boats that combine sustainability and comfort. Here are Greenline’s core values and environmentally focused approach:

Dream and Responsibility
When designing and building its yachts, Greenline aims to maximize your well-being on board. But it also aims to respect and protect the natural world.

Customer Preferences
While most of our customers want to experience special moments on the water with their friends and family, they also care about being environmentally friendly. Greenline offers hybrid and fully electric boats to meet these needs of its customers.

EU Legislation and Climate Change
Legislative changes in the EU and other countries are encouraging the shipping industry to become more sustainable. Combating climate change and promoting environmentally friendly boats is one of Greenline’s main goals.

Boat Purchasing Behaviors
Boat buyers’ behavior is changing and they care about taking social and environmental responsibility. Therefore, the demand for sustainable boats is increasing.

Green Destinations
Greenline promotes sustainable tourism with electric boats. For example, destinations such as Telemark Canals offer eco-luxury travel experiences on all-electric Greenline Yacht boats.

Solar Energy and Hybrid Models
Greenline Yachts adopts innovative technologies such as solar panels and hybrid propulsion systems to harness solar energy. This increases energy efficiency and reduces environmental impact.

Sustainability and Performance
Greenline’s hybrid hull design provides higher performance with less friction on the water and lower consumption. This not only provides a more environmentally sustainable option but also allows boats to operate more efficiently.

Greenline offers its customers a unique marine experience by providing a perfect balance between sustainability and comfort.

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