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Mesica Boats

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27 Şubat 2024 - 12:18

Mesica Boats

Güderoğlu Marin: Choice of Sea Enthusiasts

Güderoğlu Marin is an organization that specializes in the production and sales of marine materials and aims to meet all the needs of sea enthusiasts. Our experienced team, which has been operating in the industry for more than 20 years, helps you choose the most suitable products by providing guidance based on your interests and needs.

Under the Mesica Boats brand, we offer a rich range of products, focusing especially on small and medium-sized boat imports. These products include various boat models such as Sport Yacht Sun Cruiser 650, Sport Yacht Pilot House 580, Mazury 700 Camping Cruiser, Mazury Nordic Pilothouse 670, Oceania 32 CC, Oceania 32 WA. These models are ideal for different activities such as fishing, diving and cruising.

As Güderoğlu Marin, we also assure our customers about after-sales support. When you buy a boat, our expert colleagues will be with you in case of any problems and will provide you with the necessary service and maintenance support. We also offer maintenance consultancy to maintain your boat’s performance and appearance.

Through Mesica Boats, you can easily access any product you may need at sea. Our products are always in stock, so you can receive them immediately after your purchase and start enjoying the sea.

Güderoğlu Marin is committed to providing reliable and quality products to maritime enthusiasts. Live your adventure at sea with us and find everything you may need at sea!

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