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Sasga Yachts

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27 Şubat 2024 - 11:09

Sasga Yachts

Sasga Yachts: Meeting of Tradition and Technology

Sasga Yachts, which has a deep-rooted history in the maritime world, revives the history of traditional fishing boats with a modern touch with the Menorquín series. Sasga’s over forty years of experience continues by providing the production of the most superior semi-displacement motor yachts in the industry. The ability to use the latest technology, an experienced design team and a deep love for tradition are just some of the features that make Sasga’s Menorquín series unique.

Menorquín Yachts started in 1997, making a big splash in the world of small-sized boats. This step left a lasting mark on the international maritime scene and became known for its classic style. The company became a family business and grew further under second generation leadership. In 2001, under the management of General Manager José Luis Sastre, Sasga Yachts began market expansion with larger boats.

Born in 2010 as the personal project of Jose Luis Sastre, “Menorquín by Sasga Yachts” offers a perfect combination of tradition and technology. This project combines the aesthetics of a traditional fishing boat with the power of modern technology. Sasga Yachts’ customization ability caters to every taste and need by offering customers different interior layout options. The choice of wood and other materials guarantees the highest quality while preserving the spirit of tradition.

A notable feature of Sasga Yachts is the design advancement in the hulls. This advancement improves performance while reducing fuel consumption, giving it a cruising speed of between 12 and 18 knots and the ability to reach 23 knots. This offers users a marine experience that is both economical and fast.

As a result, Sasga Yachts brings a contemporary touch to the maritime world with the Menorquín series. Combining tradition with modern technology, it combines excellent design and performance and offers customers a unique marine experience.

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